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Tailored Polymer Binder for Flexible Sulfide Electrolyte Films


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Next generation batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) and other manufacturing needs require solid-state batteries made with high-performance solid electrolytes. These thin films are critical components but are difficult to manufacture to meet performance standards. This technology uses binders in the manufacturing process to overcome this hurdle, optimizing the binder’s molecular weight and enhancing the mechanical performance of solid electrolyte films and the solid-state battery performances. This significantly improves advanced battery manufacturing for next generation production.


Advanced solid-state batteries made of thin-film sulfide solid-state electrolytes require efficient, flexible, and high-performance solid electrolytes, but this is a significant challenge to manufacture. Overlooked in the manufacturing process is the binder, especially its molecular weight that impacts its integrity and capabilities. This technology optimizes the binder’s chain conformations, enhancing the mechanical and electrochemical performance of the solid electrolyte batteries by using powders to bind the electrolytes. The technology specifically adds a solvent and polymeric binder. By tuning its molecular weight, the binder conforms in the slurry during the wet chemical process of production. The result is a thin film with higher density electrodes that allows increased longevity as well as increased performance of the battery. 


  • Reduced cost
  • Improved safety
  • Improved performance and reliability
  • Increased scalability and efficiency
  • Improved flexibility
  • Enhanced charging capability
  • Higher energy density
  • Easier to make
  • Reduced thickness
  • Reduced weight
  • Uses less raw material
  • Increased battery life, reduces recycling concerns

Applications and Industries

  • Material manufacturers and suppliers for solid-state battery industry 
  • Solid-state battery manufacturers
  • Any industry using solid-state batteries


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