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A Topographic Mapping (ATOM) Method to Design Magnetic Cores


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Wireless charging for EVs / Envato Elements

Efficient and widespread wireless charging is necessary to meet demand of electric vehicles, but adoption of EVs is hampered by long duration charging and limited range. Wireless charging pads require magnetic components. This technology consists of the design of a magnetic core that is compact, cost effective and charges with little core loss for wireless charging of EVs.


This technology provides design of wireless charging pads for electric vehicles using variable thickness ferrite tiles. The tiles cover the entire coil in a wireless power transfer system. A continuous variable thickness optimizes the magnetic flux density distribution in the core material, which reduces core loss. Ferrite thickness is usually uniform or sometimes the ferrite thickness can be increased in the middle section of the coils. This technology features a continuous variable thickness design, that is optimized based on the magnetic flux distribution in the core. The design of this compact core, which reduces weight to the power transfer system, is placed on the top of a secondary side polyphase coil in a compact design. This approach has the lowest core loss and lowest core volume of any design and can be applied to all magnetic designs. These can be deployed in a home garage, highway rest stop, workplace office or mall parking lots.


  • Reduced core losses
  • Reduced core volume
  • Reduced cost and material use
  • Improved mutual inductance and performance
  • Can be adapted to any magnetic design

Applications and Industries

  • Automotive manufacturers
  • Charging equipment manufacturers
  • EV charging network operators


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