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Apparatus for X-Y Sampling of Wipes


Invention Reference Number

Sample wipe

This technology is an apparatus that provides detailed, automated analytical sampling and mapping of a sample wipe surface. The wipe is mounted on a frame on the X-Y stage, and the wipe is sampled, the stage moved to preset locations, and sampled repetitively, until the whole wipe surface is analyzed thoroughly. Current technology that analyzes cotton sampling wipes is capable of sampling one point on the wipe or several if manually manipulated. This innovation samples the entire wipe. 


Thin layer chromatography (TLC) sampling systems can be used in the analysis of cotton sampling wipes for detection of nuclear material or other particles. The sampling system was capable of sampling one point on the wipe, or multiple points, if manually manipulated, but this is cumbersome. This technology integrates an X-Y stage, such as that used in microscopy. A camera is also integrated into the apparatus to both visualize and record snapshots of the sampled surface so the entire surface can be analyzed. 

Applications and Industries

  • Nuclear industry 
  • Instrument manufacturers 
  • Companies that do surface sampling or characterization 


  • Unique. No competing technology exists 
  • Samples an entire wipe not just one point at a time 


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