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Chemical Upcycling of Poly(ethylene Terephthalate) Waste into Alpha-Omega-Dialkene Compounds


Invention Reference Number

Art made from waste plastic


This technology takes poly(ethylene terephthalate), or PET thermoplastic material, and chemically breaks it down into compounds that can be used as organic building blocks, polymer additives, or monomers for creation of new materials. The deconstruction process results in high conversion to single breakdown products that can be easily isolated and used directly in a closed-loop procedure. For example, these building blocks are ideal for the synthesis of unsaturated polyesters, which possess thermomechanical properties similar to widely manufactured commodity polymers. One application for these breakdown products is new, intrinsically recyclable thermoplastics. This new approach for making chemical compounds and synthesizing new plastic can provide a sustainable method for plastic upcycling/recycling. 


  • Converts plastic waste to new useful chemical compounds, adding value
  • Reduces plastic waste in the environment
  • Efficient and sustainable process
  • Closed loop process provides path toward net zero carbon society

Applications and Industries

  • Chemical industry
  • Plastic industry


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