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Ionic Liquids as Lubricant Additives for Tailoring the Lubricant Electrical Conductivity


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Electric vehicle drive fluids must have a high dielectric constant to avoid current leakage or even short circuits. On the other hand, lubricants should possess sufficient conductivity to allow static electricity to be released. Bearings and other moving parts often have a static charge built up that can break the lubricant film where it interfaces with the part, resulting in electrical arcing. Repeated arcing degrades the fluid and compromises the system. This technology consists of additives that manage lubricant electrical conductivity.


This technology consists of ionic liquids developed as a lubricant additive with the capabilities of tailoring the fluid electrical conductivity in a proper range that can prevent both leakage current and static charge-induced arcing and degradation. In addition, these oil-soluble, non-corrosive ionic liquids are more effective than traditional additives in reducing friction and protecting against wear for bearing and gear systems. These new additives are particularly useful in electric vehicles, where lubricants are required to run electric motor assemblies without current leaks or arcing. 

Applications and Industries

  • Automotive, particularly electric vehicles
  • Industrial machinery


  • Can manipulate and tailor fluid electrical conductivity
  • Enhanced lubricating performance, such as anti-wear, friction-reducing
  • Efficient and sensitive
  • Ashless, thermally stable


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