Jun Qu

Jun Qu

Distinguished R&D Staff Scientist


Dr. Jun Qu currently is a Distinguished R&D Staff Scientist in the Materials Science and Technology Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University in 2002. Dr. Qu’s research interests include: advanced lubrication for energy efficiency, surface engineering for wear and corrosion protection, nanostructured energy materials, nuclear tribology, and advanced manufacturing. He has published 3 book chapters and 70+ peer-reviewed journal papers, and owns 5 U.S. patents. Dr. Qu received a R&D 100 Award (team lead) in 2014, DOE Vehicle Technologies Office R&D Award in 2014, and SME Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award in 2009. He currently serves as a committee member for the U.S. DOE Lubricant Working Group, steering committee member for Wear of Materials, an Associate editor for Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering.


• R&D 100 Award (Team lead), jointly among ORNL, GM, Shell, and Lubrizol, Ionic liquid anti-wear additives for fuel-efficient engine lubricants, R&D Magazine, 2014.
• U.S. DOE Vehicle Technologies Office R&D Award, for research achievements in ionic liquid lubricants and additives, 2014.
• John Bollinger Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, Conferred in recognition of significant achievement and leadership in manufacturing engineering, Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), 2009.
• Invited attendee to U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, National Academy of Engineering (NAE), 2015.
• ORNL Significant Event Award, Discovery and fundamental understanding of incompatibility between diamond-like-carbon coatings and lubricant additives provide new insights for future materials development, 2015.
• ORNL Significant Event Award, Development of lubricant that meets DOE goal of 2 percent vehicle fuel economy improvement, 2014.
• ORNL Significant Event Award, Breakthrough in ionic liquid lubricants recognized by a major DOE program award, 2011.


o Advanced lubrication for energy efficiency
1. Ionic liquids as novel lubricants and lubricant additives for automotive applications (PI, ORNL Seed 2005-06; DOE CRADA w/ GM 2009-13; DOE FOA award CRADA w/ Shell 2012-16; DOE FOA award w/ GM 2015-18)
2. Compatibility of lubricant anti-wear additives on non-metallic hard coatings and non-ferrous bearing alloys (PI, DOE 2013-16)
3. Hybrid ionic-nano-additives for engine lubrication to improve fuel efficiency (co-PI, DOE FOA award w/ UTK and UCM 2015-17)
4. Modified temperature-responsive hyperbranched polymers for improved viscosity and enhanced lubricity (co-PI, DOE FOA award w/ PNNL, 2014-16)
5. Nanodiamond lubricant additives (co-PI, DOE Voucher award w/ Cool-X, 2016)
6. Effects of engine oil aging on friction and wear behavior (co-PI, DOE 2002-05)
7. Diesel fuel injector lubrication and scuffing in ultra low sulfur fuels (co-PI, DOE 2002-05)
o Surface engineering for wear and corrosion protection
1. Advanced heavy-duty diesel engine piston materials and coatings (PI, DOE CRADA w/ Cummins 2015-16)
2. Ionic liquids-induced anti-corrosion conversion coatings for Mg alloys (PI, ORNL Seed 2012-14)
3. Surface texturing for friction and wear reduction (PI, DOE 2014)
4. Nanostructured superhydrophobic coatings for drag reduction and anti-corrosion (PI, DOE FOA award w/ Ross Technology and Stevens Institute of Technology, 2009-12)
5. AlMgB14-based nanostructured superhard coatings for hydraulic and tooling systems (co-PI, DOE CRADA w/ Eaton, Ames Lab, and Greenleaf, 2007-10)
6. Surface nanocompositing of aluminum alloys via friction stir processing (PI, ORNL LDRD 2006-08)
7. Surface engineering of titanium alloys for diesel engine and brake applications (PI, DOE 2004-08)
8. Low-temperature colossal carbon supersaturation for austenitic stainless steels (co-PI, DOE FOA award collaborated w/ Swagelok and Case Western Reserve U, 2005-08)
o Nuclear tribology
1. Grid-to-rod fretting modeling and experimental verification (GTRF), Consortium for Advanced Simulation of Light Water Reactors (CASL) (PI, DOE 2014-17)
2. Lubricant evaluation for nuclear bearing components (co-PI, WFO 2013-15)
o Nanostructured energy materials
1. Self-aligned Cu-Si core-shell nanowire array as a novel anode for Li-ion batteries (PI, ORNL Seed 2010-13)
2. Ionic liquids-produced high-quality, low-defect TiO2 nanotube array for Li-ion batteries & photoelectrochemical water splitting (PI, DOE FOA award, 2009-11)
o Manufacturing
1. Thermal drilling of Al, Mg, and Ti alloys (co-PI, DOE w/ U Michigan 2005-07)
2. High-speed titanium machining (co-PI, DOE w/ TWS and U Michigan 2004-06)
3. Grindability of ceramics and TiC-Ni3Al composites (co-PI, DOE w/ Louisiana State U, 2005)
4. Cylindrical wire electrical discharge machining of metals and MMCs followed by micro-blasting to improve surface integrity (Ph.D. dissertation, 1999-2002)
5. Free-form surface and curve matching for shape conformance checking (M.S. thesis, 1998-1999)


Google Scholar citations: >1700, h-index: 24, i10: 42

Book Chapters
1. J. Qu, Chapter 23 “Diesel Fuel Lubrication and Testing,” in: S.C. Tung and G.E. Totten, eds. Automotive Lubricants and Testing, Eagan, MN, ASTM International, SAE International, 2012.
2. J. Qu, H.M. Meyer, “X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy,” in: Encyclopedia of Tribology, Springer, 2013.
3. A.H. Heuer, J. Qu, L. O’Donnell, “Low Temperature Carburization,” in: Encyclopedia of Tribology, Springer, 2013.

ASTM International Standards
1. ASTM G181, “Standard Test Method for Conducting Friction Tests of Piston Ring and Cylinder Liner Materials Under Lubricated Conditions,” ASTM International, 03.02 (2004).
2. ASTM G206, “Guide for Measuring the Wear Volumes of Piston Ring Segments Run Against Flat Coupons in Reciprocating Wear Tests,” ASTM International, 03.02 (2011).

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– Invited candidature by the Scientific Secretariat for the ENI Award 2013.
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– Among all-time top ten highest-cited papers in Tribology Letters
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