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Method and System for Automated Plant Surveillance and Manipulation

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ORNL has developed an innovative system for automating the surveillance and manipulation of plant tissues using advanced machine vision and robotic tools.


This technology encompasses a method and system designed to automate the process of plant surveillance and manipulation. By utilizing a sophisticated machine vision system equipped with multiple cameras, the system can accurately identify, position, and orient plant tissue candidates for precise excision and sample collection. The collected samples can then be processed further, either through live or destructive methods, for various applications in plant genomics and transformation approaches.


  • Increases throughput and efficiency in plant transformation processes
  • Reduces dependency on manual labor and improves precision in sample collection
  • Enables detailed surveillance and analysis of plant tissues using advanced imaging techniques
  • Supports both live and destructive processing of collected plant tissue samples
  • Facilitates a wide range of genetic studies and modifications by automating critical steps in plant research

Applications and Industries

  • Genetic engineering and plant breeding for improved crop varieties
  • Pharmaceutical research involving plant-based compounds
  • Agricultural biotechnology for disease resistance and yield optimization
  • Academic and industrial research in plant sciences and genomics
  • Development of automated laboratory equipment and systems for plant research


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