William Halsey headshot

William H Halsey

R&D Assistant Staff Member

R&D Staff at ORNL :: Exploring the intersection of Data Science and Advanced Manufacturing

I research how data science principles may be leveraged for metal AM and other manufacturing process throughout the entire toolchain - modeling and simulations, process optimization, data management, in-situ monitoring, defect detection, and post-build analysis.

  • ORNL Inventor Awards, 2023. Seven licensing awards, Patent. Peregrine.
  • ORNL Inventor Awards, 2022. Nine licensing awards, Commercial copyright. Peregrine.
  • UT-Battelle Technology Transfer Award, 2022. Development and transfer of the AI-based Peregrine software platform with 12 licenses awarded over the past 12 months. Peregrine.
  • ORNL Inventor Awards, 2021. Five licensing awards. Peregrine.
  • UT-Battelle Research Accomplishment Award, 2020. Successful fabrication, characterization, certification, and deployment of nickel superalloy turbine blades fabricated via AM. Solar Turbine Project.

L. Scime, V. Paquit, D. Goldsby, W. Halsey, C. Joslin, M. Richardson, D. Rose, D. Siddel, “Systems and methods for powder bed additive manufacturing anomaly detection,” US20220134435A1, May 5, 2022. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20220134435A1/en?oq=US20220134435