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Multimodal Sensor Analytics

Multimodal Sensor Analytics

The Multimodal Sensor Analytics group conducts advanced research, design, and development of algorithms and systems employing computational sensing approaches on images and signals. Key skill sets within the group are applied artificial intelligence/machine learning, signal processing, tomographic reconstruction, and sensor systems. 

The group has developed custom sensing solutions for fields of research including:

  • AI model development for national security applications such as nonproliferation and biometrics.
  • Model Based Iterative Reconstruction (MBIR) for high-quality tomographic inspection of manufactured components.
  • AI-enhanced MBIR methods to speed tomographic inspection.
  • Advanced analytics incorporating AI/ML on seismic data for subsurface challenges such as CO2 storage, geothermal energy projects and hydraulic fracturing.
  • Image analytics for novel biomedical imaging modalities.


Division Director - Electrification and Energy Infrastructures Division
Philip Bingham