Scott T Retterer

Scott Retterer

Scott T Retterer

Senior Research Staff Scientist


Scott Retterer is a senior staff scientist in the Biosciences and Center for Nanoscale Materials Sciences Divisions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. His work focuses on the development of material interfaces that can be used to shape soft materials and biological systems with an emphasis on understanding the effects of nanoscale structure, molecular transport, and chemical patterning on material formation and biological processes. With continued work in refining methods for integrating nanostructures into functional arrays and microfluidic systems, current research focuses on understanding how these structures can be used to control the physical and chemical environment within microfluidic platforms to replicate complex natural environments in tractable experimental systems. Scott received his Ph.D. in biomedical engineering from Cornell University in 2005. He is a faculty member in the Bredesen Center for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of Tennessee.


NIH Interdisciplinary Molecular Sciences and Technology Review Panel, 2015
Battelle Multi-Scale Toxicology Initiative 2009
NCI/NIH Review Panel, Innovative Molecular Analysis Technologies, Emerging 2008-2009
Technologies, Cancer Sample Preparation 2008–2009
Biomedical Engineering Society, 2003–2005
Cornell Nanobiotechnology Center 2002–2005
University Honors, University of Illinois–Chicago, 2000
Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineering Society–President, 1999
Harold A. Simon Memorial Award, UIC Mechanical Engineering Department, 1999
Tau Beta Pi, Engineering Honors Society, 1998


Selected Peer-Reviewed Publication: (Google Scholar User Profile: Scott Thomas Retterer)
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