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Bioimaging and Analytics

Harnessing analytical technologies to quantify biological function at the molecular scale

The Bioimaging and Analytics Section in Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Biosciences Division is a broadly integrated team that shares a focus on delivering impactful solutions to biological and environmental systems science measurement challenges. The section complements and leverages the proficiencies of the Biodesign and Systems Biology and the Biocomputing and Information Sections to understand the molecular composition, physical structure, and biological function of living systems across spatial and temporal dimensions. 

Key research emphases in the section comprise the development and application of high-performance mass spectrometry techniques for comprehensive characterization of metabolites, proteins, and other classes of biomolecules. Biological and chemical imaging are other emphases and include the development of engineered habitats to facilitate live imaging and sample collection. Synthetic and molecular biology tools are advanced for effectively probing molecular and cellular systems. The section also serves as a focal point for the convergence of unique laboratory resources related to computing, engineering, and the physical sciences. Nanotechnology-based tools, neutron science-based measurements, quantum-based technologies, and new data analysis approaches are leveraged to reveal quantifiable biological system characteristics.