Guanhao Xu

Guanhao Xu

Advanced Mobility R&D Staff

Dr. Guanhao Xu is currently an Advanced Mobility R&D Staff in the Applied Research for Mobility Systems group. His research mainly focuses on urban mobility, traffic operations, network simulation, and traffic signal design. He is currently working for Real-Twin, a project sponsored by the DOE VTO EEMS program that aims to automatically generate relevant scenarios based on user-specified technology and available real-world data and implement these scenarios into different traffic and vehicle simulation tools and/or XIL to assess the performance and impact of the technologies. Before coming to ORNL, he worked on the project Microsimulation of the Emergency Evacuation of Rocky Mountain National Park sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Interior. In this project, he utilized agent-based microsimulation in AIMSUN to analyze the impact of different evacuation strategies and real-world conditions on evacuation speed when an emergency occurs at Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Pennsylvania State University                     Civil Engineering                         Ph.D.        2022

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign      Civil Engineering                         M.S.          2018

Southeast University, China                                Transportation Engineering       B.E.          2016

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