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Spin wave Hamiltonian and anomalous scattering in NiPS3

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Physical Review B
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We report a comprehensive spin wave analysis of the semiconducting honeycomb van der Waal antiferromagnet NiPS3. Using single-crystal inelastic neutron scattering, we map out the full Brillouin zone and fit the observed modes to a spin wave model with rigorously defined uncertainty. We find that the third-nearest-neighbor exchange J3 dominates the Hamiltonian, a feature which we fully account for by ab initio density functional theory calculations. We also quantify the degree to which the threefold rotation symmetry is broken and account for the Q=0 excitations observed in other measurements, yielding a spin exchange model which is consistent across multiple experimental probes. We also identify a strongly reduced static ordered moment and reduced low-energy intensity relative to the linear spin wave calculations, signaling unexplained features in the magnetism which requires going beyond the linear spin wave approximation.