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Safer Batteries through Coupled Multiscale Modeling (ICCS 2015)...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Procedia Computer Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1168 to 1177
Conference Name
ICCS 2015 / 12th Intl Wkshp on Multiscale Modelling and Simulation
Conference Location
Reykjavik, Iceland
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

Batteries are highly complex electrochemical systems, with performance and safety governed by
coupled nonlinear electrochemical-electrical-thermal-mechanical processes over a range of
spatiotemporal scales. We describe a new, open source computational environment for battery
simulation known as VIBE - the Virtual Integrated Battery Environment. VIBE includes homogenized
and pseudo-2D electrochemistry models such as those by Newman-Tiedemann-Gu (NTG) and Doyle-
Fuller-Newman (DFN, a.k.a. DualFoil) as well as a new advanced capability known as AMPERES
(Advanced MultiPhysics for Electrochemical and Renewable Energy Storage). AMPERES provides a
3D model for electrochemistry and full coupling with 3D electrical and thermal models on the same
grid. VIBE/AMPERES has been used to create three-dimensional battery cell and pack models that
explicitly simulate all the battery components (current collectors, electrodes, and separator). The
models are used to predict battery performance under normal operations and to study thermal and
mechanical response under adverse conditions.