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Advanced Computing for Life Sciences and Engineering

The Advanced Computing for Life Sciences and Engineering Group of the Science Engagement Section partners with HPC and data analytics users of NCCS resources to maximize scientific output of computing allocations through expert knowledge in domain science, computer science, and mathematics.

The domains we partner with include engineering, CFD, turbulence, combustion, plasma, fusion, biophysics, public health, and other related fields. A subset of our group's expertise includes coding for accelerators, novel mathematical discretizations of partial differential equations, novel computer science approaches for performance and portability, novel machine learning approaches for image processing and other data analysis, profiling and debugging at scale, and emerging programming language standards. In particular, we excel at the intersection of domain science goals, programming approaches, computer hardware, and mathematical algorithms. We seek to optimize scientific output with each of these areas in mind when partnering with users of NCCS computing resources to make the best use of our computing resources.




Computational Climate Scientist and Group Leader
Matt Norman