Sergiy Kalnaus

Sergiy Kalnaus

Senior R&D Staff

R&D 100 Award for development of Safe Impact Resistant Electrolyte (SAFIRE) for Li-ion batteries, 2017

SEA: Significant Event Award, for development of Safe Impact Resistant Electrolyte (SAFIRE) for Li-ion batteries. DOE UT-Battelle, 2017

Distinguished Award for Scientific/Technical Contribution, DOE UT-Battelle, 2015

SEA: Significant Event Award, for the release of Virtual Integrated Battery Environment (VIBE). DOE UT-Battelle, 2015

"Stabilized Shear Thickening Electrolyte", G. Veith, B. Armstrong, K.L. Browning, H. Wang, S. Kalnaus, U.S. Patent 10,347,945 B2.

“Shear Activated Impact-Resistant Electrolyte” B.L. Armstrong, S. Kalnaus, W.E. Tenhaeff, G.M. Veith, H. Wang, K.L. Browning, B.H. Shen. U.S. Patent 10,347,934 B2.

“Method and Apparatus for In-Situ Drying Investigation and Optimization of Slurry Drying Methodology.”  B.L. Armstrong, C. Daniel, J.Y. Howe, J.O. Kiggans, A.S. Sabau, S. Kalnaus, D.L. Wood III. US Patent 9,337,470 B2.

"Fabrication of films and coatings used to activate shear thickening, impact resistant electrolytes." B.L. Armstrong, G.M. Veith, S. Kalnaus, H. Wang, K.L. Browning, K.M. Cooley, U.S. Patent 10,637,100 B2.