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Regional-scale Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Impacts of Weather on Traffic Speed in Chicago using Probe Data...

by Kuldeep R Kurte, Srinath K Ravulaparthy, Anne S Berres, Melissa R Dumas, Jibonananda Sanyal
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Procedia Computer Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
551 to 558
Conference Name
The 9th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT 2019)
Conference Location
Halifax, Canada, Canada
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

Understanding a regional-scale impact of the weather on the transportation system and how that impact varies geographically, is important from a sustainability standpoint. In this work, we have performed a city-scale analysis on the impact of weather on the traffic speed for the City of Chicago. We have found that there is a significant variation in the average hourly speed due to different weather patterns which also varies geographically. We have also observed that the rainfall has an evident impact on the average hourly speed on the freeways that are influenced by urbanized residential and commercial areas, and non-urbanized areas. Also, low visibility has shown a significant reduction in the average hourly traffic speed during the congested hours on the freeways that are influenced by non urbanized areas. We anticipate the contributions of this work in estimating emission and fuel economy at a regional scale which are important sustainability measures for transportation.