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Occupancy schedule development and its effect on OpenStudio prototype college building model

by Yeon Jin Bae, Yeobeom Yoon, Sungkyun Jung, Mini Malhotra, Piljae Im
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Science and Technology for the Built Environment
Publication Date
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1 to 15

College buildings have unique characteristics compared with school buildings. Therefore, defining the realistic occupancy schedule in a prototype college building has significant research opportunities. In this study, the actual operating schedules of each space type were collected and generated based on the class reservation schedule and compared with the previous reference schedule (primary/secondary school). The schedules were analyzed for their effect on the OpenStudio prototype college building model. The findings highlight that the use of a typical school building schedule in a college building impairs the granularity of information. The analysis shows significant differences between the previous occupancy schedule and the updated occupancy schedule of the college building, leading to a considerable decrease in occupancy density. Furthermore, the effect of these occupancy pattern changes on the prototype building model is examined. The variations were observed in minimum ventilation requirements, the average mechanical ventilation rate, and energy consumption attributed to changes in occupancy density.