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Materials for the Recovery of Uranium from Seawater...

by Carter W Abney, Richard T Mayes, Tomonori Saito, Sheng Dai
Publication Type
Journal Name
Chemical Reviews
Publication Date
Page Numbers
13935 to 14013

More than 1000× uranium exists in the oceans than exists in terrestrial ores. With nuclear power generation expected to increase over the coming decades, access to this unconventional reserve is a matter of energy security. With origins in the mid-1950s, materials have been developed for the selective recovery of seawater uranium for more than six decades, with a renewed interest in particular since 2010. This review comprehensively surveys materials developed from 2000–2016 for recovery of seawater uranium, in particular including recent developments in inorganic materials; polymer adsorbents and related research pertaining to amidoxime; and nanostructured materials such as metal–organic frameworks, porous-organic polymers, and mesoporous carbons. Challenges of performing reliable and reproducible uranium adsorption studies are also discussed, as well as the standardization of parameters necessary to ensure valid comparisons between different adsorbents.