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Magnetic Shield Design for Double-D Coil-Based Wireless Charging System...

by Mostak Mohammad, Omer C Onar, Veda Prakash Galigekere, Gui-jia Su, Jonathan P Wilkins
Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Publication Date
Page Numbers
15740 to 15752

In this study, magnetic field emission (MFE) of the high-power double-D (DD) coil-based wireless charging system is investigated and a shielding technique is proposed. The MFE pattern produced by the DD coils is significantly different from the MFE of the unipolar (e.g., circular, square, or rectangular) coils, and the traditional aluminum shield does not suppress the MFE from the DD coils. This study shows that a conventional aluminum shield increases the MFE, and a magnetic shield effectively suppresses the MFE of the DD coils. Therefore, a magnetic shield consisting of high-permeability magnetic material, such as ferrites, nanocrystalline, etc., is proposed for the DD pads. The shielding effectiveness of the proposed shield is evaluated through finite element analysis and verified through experiments. An 11 kW DD coil-based wireless charging system was used to test the proposed shielding technique. The experimental results show that a traditional aluminum shield increased the MFE by 29.8%, and the proposed magnetic shield suppressed the MFE by 50.5%.