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Isothermal Phase Transformation Cycling In Steel by Application of a High Magnetic Field

by Gerard M Ludtka, Roger A Jaramillo, Gail M Ludtka, Roger A Kisner, John B Wilgen
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
Materials Processing Under the Influence of External Fields
Publication Date
Page Numbers
9 to 14
Conference Name
TMS 2007 Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Conference Location
Orlando, Florida, United States of America
Conference Date

A phase transformation reversal via the application and removal of a large magnetic field was investigated. Because a large magnetic field can alter the phase equilibrium between paramagnetic austenite and ferromagnetic ferrite, volume fractions for each phase constituent can be modified at constant temperature by changing the magnetic field strength. In this research elevated temperature isothermal hold experiments were performed for 5160 steel. During the isothermal hold, the magnetic field was cycled between 0 and 30 Tesla. As companion experiments, temperature cycling and isothermal holds were performed without magnetic fields. The resulting microstructures were examined using optical and SEM metallography. These microstructures indicate that a portion of the microstructure experiences isothermal transformation cycling between austenite and ferrite due to the application and removal of the 30T (Tesla) magnetic field.