Roger A Kisner

Roger A Kisner

Distinguished R&D Staff

Roger Kisner is a Distinguished R&D Staff member and Distinguished Inventor in the Electrical and Electronics Systems Research Division of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He received his undergraduate degree in Nuclear Science from the Physics Department of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a MS in Nuclear Engineering from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Mr. Kisner is also a Registered Electrical Engineer and has over 40 years of research experience in measurements, sensors, and controls for a broad range of R&D areas. He has performed research, development, and design related to laser-based ultrasonics, torsional ultrasonics, linear microphones, actuator-transducers, and acoustic tomography. He has developed a wide variety of sensors, signal processing, and controls for nuclear reactor protection systems and digital and analog electronic instruments for industrial applications as well as numerous scientific experiments. His research and development activities range from theoretical analysis to hands-on fabrication and testing. His research, development, and design expertise extends beyond that of acoustics and ultrasonics and includes radiation detection, measurement in high magnetic fields including magnetic processing of materials, resilient control, applied thermometry, advanced sensor technology applications, electro-optics, actuator-transducers, and high-reliability fault-tolerant systems. Roger has extensive management experience with highly innovative technical projects. He also has commercial-industrial experience in addition to his R&D experience at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He was Vice President of IMPAC products, a manufacturer of electronic controllers and Vice President of Spectrum Medical Technologies, a developer of medical electronic instruments. Mr. Kisner is the recipient of an R&D100 award on magnetic processing. He is currently principal investigator on a project to develop embedded sensor and controls techniques for high-temperature systems for advanced nuclear power plants. He was principal investigator on a project that successfully developed a glass-shell-based neutron detector. Mr. Kisner has developed various measurement systems for a NA-22 project that is developing Direct Measurement of U235 and Pu239 in Spent Fuel Rods using gamma mirrors. He is also technically participating in a project to develop a new acoustic imaging method.. He has over 100 technical publications and 18 issued patents.

R&D 100

8,894,580 November 25, 2014, Reflective echo tomographic imaging using acoustic beams

8,796,634 August 5, 2014, High efficiency proportional neutron detector with solid liner internal structures

8,795,444 August 5, 2014, Method of and apparatus for thermomagnetically processing a workpiece

8,522,562, September 2, 2013, Apparatus and Method for Magnetically Processing a Specimen

8,218,396, July 10, 2012, Torsional ultrasonic wave based level measurement system

7,923,698, April 12, 2011, Neutron Detector

7,745,765, June 29, 2010, Thermal and high magnetic field treatment of materials and associated apparatus

7,608,824, October 27, 2009, Doped carbon nanostructure field emitter arrays for infrared imaging

7,536,240, May 19, 2009, Real power regulation for the utility power grid via responsive loads

7,534,980, May 19, 2009, High magnetic field ohmically decoupled non-contact technology

7,161,124, January 9, 2007, Thermal and high magnetic field treatment of materials and associated apparatus

6,762,844, July 13, 2004, Optical microscope using an interferometric source of two-color, two-beam entangled photons

6,744,518, June 1, 2004, Interferometric source of multi-color, multi-beam entangled photons with mirror and mixer

6,678,054, January 13, 2004, Quantum channel for the transmission of information

6,259,374, July 10, 2001, Passive pavement-mounted acoustic linguistic driver alert system and method

5,969,472, October 19, 1999, Lighting system of encapsulated luminous material.

5,309,921, May 10, 1994, Apparatus and method for respiratory monitoring

5,800,360, September 1, 1998, Apparatus and method for respiratory monitoring.