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High radiation tolerance of an ultrastrong nanostructured NiCoCr alloy with stable dispersed nanooxides and fine grain struct...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Nuclear Materials
Publication Date
Page Numbers
153316 to 8

The present paper reports the irradiation behavior of nanostructured NiCoCr medium entropy alloy enhanced by Y-Hf-O nanooxides and fine grains produced by powder metallurgy. Ion beam irradiation to a peak dose of 130 dpa at 580°C produced neither detectable void swelling nor irradiation-induced hardening, in contrast to significant void swelling and property degradation of single phase NiCoCr concentrated solid-solution alloy under the similar irradiation condition. The dispersed nanooxides and high density of grain boundaries act as defect sinks that effectively annihilate irradiation-induced interstitials and vacancies. Furthermore, high-density nanooxides maintain their crystalline structures and stabilize the grain boundaries during irradiation.