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EXPANSE: A time-of-flight EXPanded Angle Neutron Spin Echo spectrometer at the Second Target Station of the Spallation Neutro...

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Review of Scientific Instruments
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EXPANSE, an EXPanded Angle Neutron Spin Echo instrument, has been proposed and selected as one of the first suite of instruments to be built at the Second Target Station of the Spallation Neutron Source at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This instrument is designed to address scientific problems that involve high-energy resolution (neV–μeV) of dynamic processes in a wide range of materials. The wide-angle detector banks of EXPANSE provide coverage of nearly two orders of magnitude in scattering wavenumbers, and the wide wavelength band affords approximately four orders of magnitude in Fourier times. This instrument will offer unique capabilities that are not available in the currently existing neutron scattering instruments in the United States. Specifically, EXPANSE will enable direct measurements of slow dynamics in the time domain over wide Q-ranges simultaneously and will also enable time-resolved spectroscopic studies. The instrument is expected to contribute to a diverse range of science areas, including soft matter, polymers, biological materials, liquids and glasses, energy materials, unconventional magnets, and quantum materials.