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Enhancing the Electrochemical Performance of Aqueous Processed Li-Ion Cathodes with Silicon Oxide Coatings

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Lithium-ion battery cathode materials suffer from bulk and interfacial degradation issues, which negatively affect their electrochemical performance. Oxide coatings can mitigate some of these problems and improve electrochemical performance. However, current coating strategies have low throughput, are expensive, and have limited applicability. In this article, we describe a low-cost and scalable strategy for applying oxide coatings on cathode materials. We report synergistic effects of these oxide coatings on the performance of aqueously processed cathodes in cells. The SiO2 coating strategy developed herein improved mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical performance of aqueously processed Ni-, Mn- and Co-based cathodes. This strategy can be used on a variety of cathodes to improve the performance of aqueously processed Li-ion cells.