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Correlative piezoresponse and micro-Raman imaging of CuInP2S6–In4/3P2S6 flakes unravels phase-specific phononic fingerprint...

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Applied Physics Letters
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Characterizing the novel properties of layered van der Waals materials is key for their application in functional devices. A better understanding of this type of material requires correlative imaging of diverse nanoscale material properties. Within this class of materials, CuInP2S6 (CIPS) has received a significant degree of interest due to its ionically mediated room temperature ferroelectricity. Moreover, it is possible to form stable self-assembled heterostructures of ferroelectric CuInP2S6 (CIPS) and non-ferroelectric (i.e., lacking Cu) In4/3P2S6 (IPS) phases, by controlling the targeted composition and kinetics of synthesis. In this work, we present a correlative nanometric imaging study of the phononic modes and piezoelectricity of the phase-separated thin heteroepitaxial CIPS/IPS flakes. We show that it is possible to isolate the different phononic modes of the two phases by spatially correlating them with their distinct ferroelectric behavior. The coupling of our experimental data with unsupervised learning statistical methods enables unraveling specific Raman peaks that are characteristic of each chemical phase (CIPS and IPS) present in the composite sample, discarding the less significant ones.