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Beyond Simple Dilution: Superior Conductivities from Cosolvation of Acetonitrile/LiTFSI Concentrated Solution with Acetone...

Publication Type
Journal Name
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Publication Date
Page Numbers
2788 to 2796

Concentrated solutions of Li salts in acetonitrile are promising alternative electrolytes for the next generation of Li batteries as they may exhibit superior electrochemical properties. However, the reduced mobility of the chemical species is a barrier yet to be overcome, and for this, we explore the utilization of acetone as a cosolvent. Although acetone is a polar compound, we find that its addition to the LiTFSI/acetonitrile solution does not follow the trends expected for a simple dilution process. At a low concentration, acetone subtly shifts acetonitrile from the first to extended solvation sheaths of the ions. Still, most of the original structure of the solution is preserved, and mobile high-concentration clusters are formed in the solution. At higher concentrations, the cosolvation promotes cation–anion interactions but with a different nature from those in the original solution and still allows for a further increase in conductivity. Additionally, the non-coordinating fraction of acetonitrile acquires features resembling the pure solvent, which is a possible additional facilitating factor for ionic diffusion.