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Assessment of San Onofre Concrete Susceptibility Against Irradiation Damage...

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ORNL Report
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The work performed under this contract covers the characterization of unirradiated concrete specimens cored from the walls of the steam generator room of the SONGS Unit 2, currently under decommission. This report documents the extensive set of characterization conducted at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, at the Ohio State University, and at ALG Global. The susceptibility of irradiation-induced damage in concrete is governed by the exposure level (fast neutron fluence > 1019 at E > 0.1 MeV) and the mineralogy of the aggregates (high quartz content and chemical heterogeneity of the assemblage). Both conditions are met for the SONGS concrete biological shield. Hence, harvesting in-service irradiated concrete from the SONGS Unit 2 or 3 biological shield is currently an unparalleled opportunity to study the flux effects of neutron irradiation.