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Amorphous and partially-amorphous metal coatings for corrosion resistance in molten chloride salt...

by Stephen S Raiman, Richard T Mayes, James M Kurley Iii, Riley Parrish, Evelina Vogli
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Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells
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Amorphous metal coatings were developed to improve the corrosion resistance of structural alloys in molten salts for use as salt-facing materials in concentrating solar power (CSP) and molten salt reactor (MSR) applications. Three coatings were tested. One Fe-based, fully amorphous coating, and two Ni-based partially amorphous coatings. The candidate coatings were applied to samples made from Ni-based alloy 230, and exposed to KCl–MgCl2 at 750 °C for 300 h in sealed Mo capsules. After exposure, uncoated alloy 230 samples were depleted in chromium near the surface, as measured by SEM-EDS. The attack had an average depth of 33 μm. All three coatings performed well, showing no observable degradation during exposure, despite chromium contents between 20% and 40%. XRD and TEM measurements showed the coatings were fully crystallized after exposure, so the excellent corrosion resistance can likely be attributed to the recrystallized microstructure of the coatings.