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Towards Exascale Astrophysics of Mergers and Supernovae (TEAMS)

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Office of Science
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The Towards Exascale Astrophysics of Mergers and Supernovae (TEAMS) collaboration involves 32 researchers from 12 national labs and universities creating multi-dimensional supercomputer simulations of supernovae explosions and neutron-star mergers. Raph Hix of ORNL is the PI of TEAMS, and Bronson Messer of ORNL as the computational lead. Funded by the DOE Office of Science’s Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program, TEAMS researchers will explore how heavy elements are formed in these exotic cosmic events, as well as how signatures such as gravity waves are generated. Using ORNL’s TITAN supercomputer, and some of the other fastest supercomputers in the world, the team will combine the latest nuclear physics and astrophysics knowledge into multi-dimensional simulations  of the deaths of massive stars, called core-collapse supernovae, which disperse chemical elements throughout the galaxies, as well as models of the final hours of the stars’ lives that set the initial conditions for core-collapse supernovae. They will also improve models of the mergers of neutron stars, which create black holes while also dispersing newly formed elements.

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W. Raph Hix