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Nuclear Science and Advanced Technology

Delivers foundational knowledge in nuclear science and astrophysics through world-leading theoretical and experimental studies, as well as associated radiation detection technologies for next generation nuclear solutions needed by the nation and the world.

This section encompasses the following research groups:

Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics Group — Delivers foundational knowledge of the understanding of the cosmic origin of nuclei and their properties, decays, and interactions, the physics of exploding stars and nuclei at the extreme limits of stability and mass, and informs real-world challenges in nuclear science; develops world-leading theoretical approaches by ab initio nuclear physics calculations and studies of nucleosynthesis and the astrophysical sites of this nucleosynthesis using high-performance computing.

Advanced Radiation Detection, Imaging, Data Science, and Applications Group — Performs research and development for understanding and exploiting combined signatures from radiation decay, radiography/tomography, system modeling and detection networks for use over a range of fundamental physics, next-generation advanced conceptual systems, and current real-world applications.

Theoretical and Computational Physics Group —Utilizes high-performance and quantum computing to address problems in nuclear and particle physics, focusing on understanding how nuclear structure evolves across the nuclear chart, and how stars live, die, and create the elements of which we and our surroundings are made. 


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