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Wullschleger named Environmental Sciences Division Director

Stan D. Wullschleger has been named director of the Environmental Sciences Division, part of the Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), effective April 4, 2017. Stan, a Corporate Fellow who also serves as ESD's chief scientist, has been acting director since September 2016.

He currently directs the multi-institutional NGEE-Arctic project that focuses on model-experiment integration in high-latitude ecosystems.

Stan has been a contributor to several other innovative initiatives at ORNL, including large-scale experiments of tree and forest response to elevated CO2 and drought (with ORNL colleagues Richard Norby, Paul Hanson, and others), initiating the sequencing of the Populus genome (with Gerald Tuskan and others), applying concepts of ecosystem genomics to terrestrial ecology (with David Weston and others), and global change studies in high-latitude environments (with Colleen Iversen and others).