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Erin Webb attends Union County Science Fair

A recent stop of the ORNL Traveling Science Fair was at Wilson Park in Maynardville, TN.  All Union County K-12 students plus some students from surrounding counties attended.  Dr. Erin Webb, an Agricultural Engineer and native of Union County, was one of the guides in the Energy and Environmental Sciences "Get into Green" trailer specifically in the area of 3D printing which included bio-derived materials.

Erin said "I was thrilled to share our exciting research with students and teachers from my hometown (including my son's Kindergarten class, some of my old teachers, and many kids of my childhood friends).  The kids loved it!".  

The "Get into Green" science trailer contains a "rainforest" where participants can view roots beneath the soil and examine how roots provide nutrients that allow plants to grow.  An infrared camera to discover the impact of solar energy as it transfers through homes and powers lights.  And a demonstration showing how batteries can be used to collect and store solar energy.  The 3D printing exhibit covers how manufacturers create products to show the potential to reduce energy and cut material costs by 90 percent.  Some examples available of 3D printed materials include a "Terminator” and a printed chair.  

The ORNL Traveling Science Fair trailer schedule is available from the Oak Ridge Associated Universities website at