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Bio-Deuteration Laboratory

Studies at ORNL’s neutron scattering facilities are enhanced by the design and production of selectively, partially, and fully-deuterated biological macromolecules. The Bio-Deuteration Laboratory (BDL) has been established for the production of H/D-labeled biological macromolecules in support of the neutron structural biology research and user programs at ORNL’s neutron scattering facilities. 

BDL Access

Access and training to facilities and expertise for cloning, protein expression, purification, and characterization of deuterium-labeled biological macromolecules is provided to all users with approved neutron beamtime proposals. If you would like to access the BDL, please contact us for further information and/or submit an application. Applications will be screened for feasibility in parallel to the neutron beamtime proposal scientific review process.

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