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ORNL to host international targetry conference

The 2024 International Nuclear Target Development Society Conference will be at ORNL.

Chris Orosco/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

Oak Ridge National Laboratory will host the 31st Conference of the International Nuclear Target Development Society this summer.

The conference will be Aug.18-23 at the Hyatt Place in downtown Knoxville.

The INTDS conference covers current research and challenges in target development and application. The conference format includes general talks and oral contributions selected from the abstracts submitted to the scientific committee.

“The 2024 INTDS conference will bring together global experts on preparation and use of nuclear targets with applications ranging from fundamental physics to national security and nuclear medicine,” said Kristian Myhre of ORNL’s Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate, who with ISED’s Matt Gott is co-chairing the conference. “ORNL has maintained an active role in the conference for decades. We are excited to showcase ORNL’s contributions to this impactful field and continue building international connections.”

Gott said the conference is especially focused on collaboration.

“The Society insists on single, sequential sessions so that each speaker reaches the full audience,” Gott said. “Talks in this meeting can be as much about soliciting help on a project as they are presenting cutting-edge science. 

“The first time I participated in this conference, it was immediately obvious that its highly connected community emphasizes sharing of knowledge and training the next generation of scientists. Nearly half of the conference attendees socialized together after the day’s talks.”

Participants are invited to submit abstracts on these topics or related subjects: preparation and characterization of high-purity and special materials for target fabrication; preparation of thin films and foils (e.g., evaporation, sputtering, electrodeposition, rolling); preparation of radioactive targets; preparation of liquid and gas targets; beam charge strippers (i.e., foil, liquid, gas, plasma); targets for high-intensity beams; targets for special applications (e.g., medical, industrial, controlled fusion); target characterization; and target recycling and disposal. The deadline for abstract submission is April 15, and those accepted will be notified by May 13.

The conference will bring together experts in the rare isotope science domain to share and learn about new research trends, Myhre said. He said ORNL is especially excited to host early-career scientists and students. Historically, high numbers of both attend. 

“The society is highly focused on enabling the next generation of target-makers,” Gott said. “A significant percentage of the society’s funds are dedicated to providing travel expenses for students so they can participate in these meetings. The society also offers the Frank Karasek Memorial Scholarship Fund, which enables students and early-career scientists to learn target-making techniques in one of the well-established laboratories.” 

This conference will include tours of ORNL, a particularly fitting location for the event, both said. 

“ORNL is a microcosm of the society, as it has several active programs directly related to the field of nuclear targetry,” Myhre said. “These include its stable and radioactive isotope manufacturing and neutron scattering, as well as both high- and low-energy nuclear physics.”

Registration deadline for the conference with tour is July 19; without the tour, it’s Aug. 9. The conference website,, will continue to be updated.