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Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Groups

Asset Management Section

Asset Management is the system of processes, practices, skillset, organization, and information management used to optimize the value gained from targeted assets- cradle to grave.

Mission Statement: Empowering radioisotope research and production by managing the care of infrastructure and equipment in our nuclear facilities.

Deliverables: Improved overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), enhanced productivity, performance measures and cost control, increased customer satisfaction, continuous improvement


 Groups in Asset Management Section:

Nuclear Facility Management Section

This section's groups maintain and update the nonreactor nuclear facilities that support the diverse research and development missions of ORNL and the nation.


Groups in Nuclear Facility Management Section:

Safety Engineering and Support Section

The Safety Engineering and Support Section implements safety and management programs to support the safe conduct of ORNL's diverse nuclear research and development mission.


Groups in Safety Engineering and Support Section: