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Enrichment Systems Engineering

ORNL aerial overview, June 16, 2014

Enrichment Systems Engineering

We design, fabricate, and program engineering solutions to support the advancement of enrichment technologies by intersecting creative, sustainable processes to meet long-term mission goals of reestablishing U.S. uranium enrichment and stable isotope production.

  1. Application Engineering — We execute the buildout and startup of enrichment testbeds and cascades.
  2. Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls Engineering — We perform the design programming, and buildout of all the instrumentation and controls systems associated with our enrichment devices, testbeds, and cascades.

    Responsible for human-machine interface research and system logic development. This group develops and implements advanced control system architectures for centrifuge test beds.

  3. Machine Design Engineering — We provide enrichment device designs, primarily centrifuge.

    This group employs state-of-the-art engineering design and robust systems engineering principles to realize design concepts and detailed prototype manufacturing requirements.

  4. Testbed Design Engineering — We provide enrichment testing systems along with mechanical, electrical, and process designs to facilitate machine and cascade integration.

    Responsible for gas testing testbed development. This group conceptualizes and designs robust and flexible testbeds for gas testing enrichment devices using state-of-the-art systems engineering principles.


Enrichment Systems Engineering Section Head
Headshot of Brett Blanchard