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Marshall named IEEE senior member

Engineer Layla Marshall is now a senior member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers.

Topic: Isotopes

Layla Marshall, an engineer in the Isotope Science and Engineering Directorate, has been elevated to the grade of senior member of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers. Senior members of IEEE are those who have worked in a relevant field for at least 10 years and have made significant contributions to the profession. Fewer than 10 percent of the IEEE’s more than 400,000 members attain senior status.

Layla, who has been with ORNL since January, is an electrical, instrumentation and controls engineer in the Testing Science and Cascade Engineering section of ISED’s Enrichment Science and Engineering division.

Prior to coming to ORNL, Layla worked as an electronics engineer with Green Banks Observatory in West Virginia and as a hardware engineer with Siemens. A graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, she plays piano and oboe in the Air National Guard Band of the South.