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GODDESS detection system

<p>Diagram of the GODDESS detector system showing ORRUBA silicon strip detector system mounted inside GAMMASPHERE array of gamma detectors and the new fast ionization chamber.</p>

The GODDESS system is a successful coupling of the 720-channel segmented charged particle detector array ORRUBA (Oak Ridge Rutgers University Barrel Array) with the array of gamma-ray detectors at ANL ATLAS, GAMMASPHERE. The system also contains a new custom end cap of silicon strip detectors (light particle detection) and a new compact fast ionization chamber (for heavy particle detection). The system also features a new digital algorithms for readout of the resistive detectors in the system. GODDESS is installed at ANL and has been used for a number of experiments. It is currently being adapted to involve a coupling of ORRUBA with the GRETINA array of gamma detectors for use at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) at Michigan State University.  GODDESS will be used to measure time coincidences between protons and gamma rays produced when a heavy radioactive beam bombards a deuterated plastic target foil. Our  high resolution information will provide detailed information on single-particle states in these exotic neutron-rich nuclei needed to understand the evolution of shell structure and neutron capture rates relevant for the r-process in neutron star mergers and in core-collapse supernovae. 


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