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Upcoming NDA Course at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORNL classroom

Oak Ridge National Laboratory offers an introductory course in Nondestructive Assay Measurement this summer:

Nondestructive Assay Measurement Fundamentals, Summer 2018 ($2,895)

The primary objective of this introductory-level course is to provide participants with knowledge and experience in the fundamentals of nondestructive assay (NDA) of nuclear materials including gamma and neutron measurement techniques. Introductory lectures are combined with hands-on laboratory exercises to reinforce concepts and provide students with practical experience operating NDA equipment and software. Expert instructors and a low student-to-instructor ratio provide opportunities to use tailored examples and address application-specific questions.

NDA measurement instruments

Topics include nuclear theory (radiation interactions), measurement design and set up, instrument calibrations, basic gamma spectrometry, and fundamental measurement corrections. The course also provides an introduction to neutron measurement techniques such as coincidence counting, measurement control practices, and statistics and measurement uncertainty. Practical exercises include the use of NaI-, CZT-, LaBr3-, and HPGe-detectors coupled with various data acquisition software packages and the 3He-based Active Well Coincidence Counter. Applications will focus on the qualitative and quantitative measurement of uranium.

The NDA Measurement Fundamentals course is the cornerstone for the NDA Gamma Series as well as other professional development courses offered at ORNL. Upon successful completion, students will possess the knowledge and expertise expected of an NDA Qualified Instrument Operator as outlined in the ASTM C1490-14 Standard Guide for the Selection, Training and Qualification of Nondestructive Assay (NDA) Personnel. The content of this initial course also provides students with the foundation for an NDA Specialist or NDA Professional role.

4-and-one-half days. Maximum class size: 15.

For more information, please contact:

Angela Lousteau

NDA measurement fundamentals chart