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ORNL’s Vineyard Wins International Heat Pump Award

A team including Ed Vineyard, of ORNL’s Computer Science and Engineering Division’s Modeling and Simulation Group, was recently awarded the 2017 Peter Ritter von Rittinger International Heat Pump Award.

The award was given in recognition of ORNL’s rich history of heat pump research and development via the Building Equipment Research Group (BERG), which has made significant contributions to increasing the efficiency of heat pump technologies for the past 40 years. Members of the BERG have been involved in international technology advancements in the areas of alternative refrigerants, HVAC emissions, and clean energy cooperation via work on Stirling, sorption, gas engine-driven, cold climate, and ground-source heat pumps. 

“This award was the culmination of the collective expertise of an outstanding team that continues to put the interests of the team above the interests of the individual,” said Vineyard. “It could not have been accomplished without building on the knowledge and legacy that has been passed down over the years and the dedication by senior staff in mentoring junior staff that excellence in every aspect of science is an expectation from day one.”

Vineyard was a BERG member for 35 years and served as the group leader and director for the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center, the nation’s premier research facility devoted to the development of technologies that improve the energy efficiency and environmental compatibility of residential and commercial buildings.

Named for the Austrian engineer credited with designing the first heat pump system, the award “recognizes deserving individuals or teams that have distinguished themselves in the advancement of heat pumping technology applications, market development, as well as dissemination activities with lasting international impact.”

The award was received by seven members of the BERG, including Mr. Vineyard, at the 12th International Heat Pump Conference in Rotterdam on May 17.