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Exploratory Data analysis ENvironment (EDEN)

Project Details

Principal Investigator
Funding Source
Department of Energy (DOE)
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Problem Statement

  • Determination of significant associations between interrelated climate simulation parameters and outputs is a challenge due to the rapid increases in data quantity, quality, and the number of different variables.
  • Classical approaches restrict exploration.

Technical Approach

  • Integrate automated statistical analytics with interactive information visualization techniques to guide the analyst to significant associations.
  • Exploratory analysis of large CLM4 ensembles in close collaboration with model researchers from ORNL, PNNL, and LANL.
  • Dynamic visual queries provide “live” access to data behind the visualization.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Interactive exploratory analysis provides intuitive dynamic visual queries to allow hypothesis generation and validation.
  • Facilitates simultaneous analysis large multi-dimensional data in a single 2-D display.
  • Can reveals unexpected relationships and serendipitous discoveries.


Distinguished Research Staff and Leader of the Data Science and Visualization Group
Chad Steed