Center for Structural Molecular Biology

The Center for Strucutral Molecular Biology at ORNL is dedicated to developing instrumentation and methods for determining the 3-dimensional structures of proteins, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) and their higher order complexes. The tools of the CSMB will help understand how these macromolecular systems are formed and how they interact with other systems in living cells. The focus of the CSMB...

Center for Molecular Biophysics

The Center for Molecular Biophysics has existed since 2006 with support from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee. We perform research at the interface of biological, environmental, physical, computational and neutron sciences. Our goal is to study and understand the function of biologically relevant molecular systems by employing high-performance computer...

Center for BioEnergy Innovation

The Center for Bioenergy Innovation (CBI) vision is to accelerate domestication of bioenergy-relevant plants and microbes to enable high-impact, value-added, co-product development at multiple points in the bioenergy supply chain. 

CBI has identified research targets for a thriving bioeconomy:

  • Sustainable biomass feedstock crops using plant...