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Cyber Resilience and Intelligence

One of ORNL’s core research areas in national security sciences is advancing the frontier of cyber security and data analytics.  The Laboratory has built teams of scientists, programmers, and engineers from across multiple disciplines to tackle some of the nation’s toughest cybersecurity challenges.  The integrated approach of these teams, combined with the Laboratory’s unique tools and infrastructure, allow them to create novel solutions rooted in math, physics, engineering, and science to address critical and complex issues.  Specific challenges that our team is tackling include advances in cybersecurity research, operations and analysis for federal agencies, new ways of protecting critical national infrastructure that rely on integrated cyber-physical systems (such as the electric grid, transportation systems, manufacturing systems, and industrial control systems),  and software vulnerability research that detects risks, empowers analysts, and helps automate detection of vulnerabilities in software systems. Finally, we perform R&D in game-changing multi-modal analytics and architectures for national security missions including areas such as identity sciences, image and video exploitation, signals analysis, and other soft data analytics.