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Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems Section

Focuses on the science mission of enhancing the security and resilience of complex cyber-physical systems, or systems of cyber physical systems

  1. Cyber Physical Systems — Focuses on critical cyber physical resilience and security for critical infrastructure that supports our national defense and intelligence agencies. A couple of key components of this group are embedded system security science and digital forensics to enable the discovery of attribution and the specific details of adversarial attacks that will inform the most effective mitigations.
  2. Energy and Control Systems Security — Researches and develops security and resilience science to address risks to critical national infrastructure, including control systems and networks. The group’s focus is on infrastructure important to the nation’s economic security, including infrastructure related to the energy industry, manufacturing, vehicles, and buildings.
  3. Vulnerability Science — Researches and develops the science of software vulnerability, including the creation of semi-automated methods and tools to enable effective discovery of bugs, determination of the level of vulnerability of such bugs, and the development of vulnerability mitigation and exploitation techniques.