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Vulnerability Science

Vulnerability Science graphic

The Vulnerability Science Group at ORNL applies its expertise in software vulnerability detection, analysis, and exploit mitigation to the nation’s most challenging cybersecurity missions.   Through its research, the group seeks to push beyond the current boundaries of software vulnerability research by discovering:

  • How can we improve and empower the analyst?
  • How can vulnerability detection be automated using the most recent advances in data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning?
  • How can interactive machine learning be harnessed to allow the analyst to improve automated techniques?

The group’s core competencies include software vulnerability finding and analysis, mitigation techniques, reverse engineering, and program analysis research.  To benefit from the synergy of being located at ORNL, home of the Summit supercomputer, the Vulnerability Science Group leverages expertise and facilities from across the lab to address national cybersecurity challenges.  Capabilities integrated into the group’s R&D include high-performance computing, machine learning, and data science.