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Technology Summary

1) HMS Version 4 (HMS-4) is the current state-of the- art NDA system deployed in the field to support holdup measurements. HMS-4 has been used since 2004 in Department of Energy facilities to conduct passive NDA measurements for the in-situ quantification of nuclear material residues held up in processes and equipment. However, HMS-4 software is no longer actively supported and is plagued with compatibility issues that are not tenable for long-term NDA measurement system sustainability.

2) The objective of the SNAPSHOT project is to provide a modern, sustainable Holdup Measurement System (HMS) for in situ nondestructive assay (NDA) of fissionable materials for nuclear criticality safety, security, and safeguards.

3) The SNAPSHOT software platform is the next-generation NDA measurement system that will provide:

• a software system developed under industry-accepted QA standards for nuclear safety applications.

• a platform compatible with current operating systems (Windows 7 and 10)

• a modular software development approach to support sustainability and extensibility.

• improved communication and reporting of criticality safety measurement information.

SNAPSHOT represents a significant improvement over existing NDA software for holdup measurement in terms of user interface, data management, documentation, ongoing software support and automation to both improve efficiency and ensure consistent application of measurement and analysis methods.


Angela Lousteau
Safeguards and Security Technologies

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Eugene R Cochran
(865) 576-2830