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Porous Membrane Enabled Mass Spectrometry Characterization of Microfluidic Devices

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Technology Summary

The invention describes the methodology of liquid extraction through a porous membrane surface using a liquid vortex capture mass spectrometry probe. The chemical analysis of living systems has become more feasible with the development of more sensitive analytical techniques. However, mass spectrometric characterization requires destruction of the system being analyzed negating the ability to measure systems in situ especially for small systems in fluid media. To-date, most applications of in situ mass spectrometry have been towards the chemical analysis of produce, leaves, skin, or otherwise stable, non-dynamic samples. Currently there is no capability to enable mass spectrometric characterization of dynamic, living systems without destroying or negatively altering the entire system. Ways to provide mass spectrometric in situ chemical information living systems are of interest to the biochemical, pharmaceutical, and medical research communities.


John F Cahill
Chemical Sciences Division

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Jennifer T Caldwell
(865) 574-4180