Koukpaizan Portrait

Nicholson K Koukpaizan

Computational Scientist

Nicholson Koukpaizan is a computational scientist in the Advanced Computing for Life Sciences and Engineering group within the National Center for Computational Sciences.

Nicholson received his master’s and PhD in aerospace engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2017 and 2020, respectively, and his bachelor’s in aerospace engineering from Polytechnique Montreal in 2015. During his PhD studies, he was part of a joint computational/experimental project to study aerodynamic flow control using fluidic oscillators. His postdoctoral work at ORNL (2020-2022) focused on performance optimization and application integration for the ExaSGD (Stochastic power Grid Dynamics at Exascale) Exascale Computing Project. His research interests include computational fluid dynamics, turbulent flows and performance portability in high performance computing.