Eric J Nafziger

Eric J Nafziger

R&D Staff


Eric Nafziger has 19 years of experience in the Fuels & Engines Research Group, and has been involved with a plethora of projects related to heavy duty engine research, advanced dual fuel combustion, and waste heat recovery systems.  Additionally, over the course of the last seven years, he has been intimately involved with experimental activities related to neutron imaging of both diesel and gasoline fuel injectors at ORNL’s High Flux Isotope Reactor; he was instrumental in developing the stroboscopic imaging techniques used to observe internal dynamics of high pressure fuel injectors in operation.  Most recently, he has been heavily engaged in a single-cylinder marine research engine project and has led the design and engineering of the mechanical and fluid support systems for this testbed.  Eric is an active member of SAE, and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee.


Toops, Todd; Finney, Charles; Nafziger, Eric; Splitter, Derek; Pawlowski, Alex; Bilheux, Hassina; Santodonato, Lou; Tremsin, Anton; Neutron Imaging of Intra-nozzle Fluid Dynamics in Fuel Injectors; 2016 SAE World Congress; April 2016

Edwards, Dean; Nafziger, Eric; Curran, Scott; Singh, Sandeep; Exploring the potential benefits of dual-fuel low-temperature combustion for heavy-duty engine applications, Invited Presentation Advanced Engine Cross-Cut Team Meeting at USCAR; July  2015

Toops, Todd; Nafziger, Eric; Finney, Charles; Bilheux, Hassina; Bilheux, Jean-Christophe; Effect of regeneration strategy on the ash distribution and packing density measured with neutron and X-ray radiography, 2015 SAE World Congress; April 2015

Storey, John; Lewis, Samuel; Thomas, John; Huff, Shean; Eibl, Mary; Nafziger, Eric; Pihl, Josh; Challenges of decreasing particulate emissions in LDVs and passenger cars, Invited Presentation at 7th Integer Emissions Summit & DEF Forum; October 2014

Lance, Michael J.; Wereszczak, Andrew A.; Ferber, Mattison K.; Fox, Ethan E.; Toops, Todd J.; Bunting, Bruce G.; Nafziger, Eric J.; Williams, Aaron; Burton, Jonathan; McCormick, Robert; Impact of Biodiesel on the Mechanical Properties of Diesel Particulate Filter Ceramics, Presentation at the 37th International Conference & Exposition on Advanced Ceramics & Composites; January 2013

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Szybist, J.P.; Nafziger, E.; Weall, A.; Load Expansion of Stoichiometric HCCI Using Spark Assist and Hydraulic Valve Actuation, SAE Technical Paper 2010-01-2172, 2010.

Szybist, J.P.; Nafziger, E.; Weall, A.; Load Expansion of Stoichiometric HCCI Using Spark Assist and Hydraulic Valve Actuation, Presentation at the Fall 2010 AEC/HCCI Working Group Meeting at USCAR (Detroit, MI USA, August 2010).

Wagner, Robert M.; Curran, Scott; Prikhodko, Vitaly Y.; Nafziger, Eric J.; Parks, II, James E.; Sluder, Scott; Storey, John Morse; Barone, Teresa L.; Dual-Fuel Combustion Concept for Improved Efficiency and Emissions in a Multi-Cylinder Engine, Oral Presentation at The 11th International Conference on Present and Future Engines for Automobiles (Shanghai, China; June 2010).

Briggs, T. E.; Wagner, R. M.; Edwards, K. D.; Curran, S. J. ; Nafziger, E. J.; “A Waste Heat Recovery System for Light Duty Diesel Engines”, SAE Paper 2010-01-2205, Society of Automotive Engineers, 2010.

Wagner, R. M.; Briggs, T. E.; Edwards, K .D.; Curran, S. J.; Nafziger, E. J.; Cho, K.; “Achieving and Demonstrating Vehicle Technologies Engine Fuel Efficiency Milestones”, 2010 DOE Hydrogen and Vehicle Technologies Merit Review (Washington, DC; June 2010).

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